A trend is a sign of change.

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At float we research through various methods that inspire businesses to shape their future. We put our hands in a plural and post-truth market scenario, merging local and global expressions to identify what’s next.
Between coolhunting and futurism rises trend forecasting – the aptitude to collect and analyse current signs to better understand emerging patterns and how they influence aesthetics, cultural shifts, marketing, and consumer behavior.
some of our floats:
RISE, A COURSE ABOUT TREND FORECASTING * Can anyone be a trend forecaster? Yes and No. Rise is a sharp, in-depth and highly visual course about the world of trends. Rise was developed in partnership with Perestroika, Brazil’s leading school for creative activities. Over 500 students and marketing professionals have participated in classes and in-company training sessions in 5 cities throughout Brazil.
SUVINIL, THE COLORS OF A GENERATION * An in-depth investigation with Color Lovers in various cities in Brasil. The Trend Analysis and Consumer Insights report decoded how behavioral shifts and cultural trends translate into color-palette and interior design recommendations.
OLYMPIKUS SPRINT * A study on consumer behavior and different sport lifestyles for Brasil’s largest sportswear brand — which was the tipping point for a strategic and creative Sprint lead by float with the most relevant specialists and influencers within the segment. The main outcome was a new product and communication strategy to chance the Brazilian market.
ABEST FASHION LABEL NEXT * Concept, curatorship, and production of a 2-month learning journey for emerging fashion talents in Brazil. Float led a learn by doing approach and invited more than 20 renowned specialists from strategic design, fashion marketing, digital, innovation, international business, among other areas to help 10 brands to become real game changers.

QUEM DISSE BERENICE? is one of Brazil’s leading brands within the beauty industry. float’s research was the first step to recreate the brand’s entire portfolio, comms strategy, and retail experience. To do so, the research decoded emerging behaviors and aesthetics for Brazilian women. The project was done in partnership with MESA, a global company that helps clients to solve complex—and extraordinary—challenges. And what could be more extraordinary than understanding how Beauty leads to Freedom?!

FUTURE FOODS for OUTBACK * Brazil is Outback’s primary market, which means high stakes. As a part of the Bloomin' Brands group, the Outback team already knows a lot, so they needed actionable trends and a very grounded strategy. Float developed in-depth research with innovators and early adopters who are leading the way in gastronomy and the future of retail. By the way, we call them Alphas and Betas in food experiences. The multi-methodology qualitative study resulted in an overview of global and local trends that will completely transform the industry and Outback’s business in the next 2 years.
PEOPLESTROLOGY, Astrology made by people * An ongoing and open research that reveals the deep cultural and social currents behind one of the most popular topics in our timeline. It's not about your brand anymore, but your zodiac sign.

who floats:
ANDRÉ ALVES Co-founder of float. Writer, Strategist and Trends Consultant, André has more than ten years of professional experience using research, consumer behavior, and trend forecasting as essential tools to solve a variety of marketing and branding challenges. Former Strategy Director at Box1824 New York, Alves has also worked for advertising agencies McCann Erickson and Lowe, among others. He has lectured on branding and consumer culture at several events and schools, including the ESOMAR, the largest event on consumer and marketing research. andre@youfloat.co /realmrtea linkedin
LUCAS LIEDKE Co-founder of float. Psychoanalyst, Strategist and Trends Consultant. Liedke has been helping clients to future proof their business models by ensuring cultural relevancy of marketing, brand and innovation strategies. With background in Social Communication and Psychology, Liedke was Strategy Director at Y&R and Head of Trends at Box1824. He is also an adept at transforming cultural trends into strategic insight, branded content, TV documentaries, series and other creative medium. lucas@youfloat.co
/psicanaliedke linkedin

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